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Temporary Hours Of Operation

Monday-Thurs 11 am - 8pm

Fri 11am - 9pm

Sat 4pm - 9pm


Thanks you, to those who support local business

Downtown Phoenix is hit especially hard due to COVID19, so Harumi is showing appreciation to our loyal customers

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Harumi voted "Best in Phoenix 2019" by Readers Choice Phoenix New Times!

Harumi picked for 2019 and 2020 Arizona State's Best Sushi Restaurant in the United States!

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Our Pride is in 

Premium Quality 

Daily, Harumi's chefs gets hands on the best fish "unfrozen" shipped by flight overnight from all around the globe. We search, we are diligent, and push to serve top-quality sushi for Harumi's customers.


Embrace the unique

Purple Rice Sushi

Purple rice was revered in ancient Japan for its healing power and rich nutritional qualities due to high levels in antioxidants, fiber and less sugar.  It was referred to as ‘forbidden rice’ since purple rice was kept a secret to civilians and provided only for the Emperor and his family to ensure their health and longevity. With deep flavored tones of toasted nuts, at Harumi we serve purple rice sushi with a blend of traditional Japanese Cuisine with a modern twist for flavors fit for diners throughout the World. 

Harumi's Signiture Selections

Leave your fate in Omakaze or Chef's selection of exceptional sushi platter built on seasonality curated by a head chef, or indulge in Harumi's signature "OMG roll" that is literally served on fire.



Mon  11AM - 8PM
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Thur  11AM - 8PM
Fri    11AM - 9PM
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Sun - closed
** Please note Harumi is open currently until 8PM (amended hours due to COVID 19) **

602 258 0131



114 W Adams St. C 101

Phoenix, AZ 85003